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What to do in the event of a claim.

Claims happen and that’s why we are here. So our aim in the event of a claim is to ensure that you are compensated fairly and promptly for your loss. To achieve this, it is important that we work together with you and your broker so that delays are prevented and settlement can be made without complications or unwarranted bureaucracy.

In the unfortunate event of a claim, please follow the checklist below to help us in responding to your loss as urgently as possible:

  • If goods are received in a damaged or faulty fashion, avoid giving a clean receipt to the carrier.
  • Where you receive goods, delivered by container please ensure that:
  • The container seals are examined by a responsible official.
  • Signs of damaged, broken or missing seals should be “claused” (noted) on the delivery documentation.
  • The damaged or irregular seals are retained for subsequent identification.
  • If possible insist on an immediate inspection or survey by the carriers or their representatives.
  • Advise us as your insurers within 3 days of delivery. This is normally done via your broker.

Your broker will certainly request some supporting paperwork so please obtain or prepare the following documents which should accompany your claim:

  • packing list
  • invoice
  • original transit contract such as a bill of lading
  • delivery receipt
  • evidence of the claim against the carrier
  • freight invoice
  • repair estimate (if applicable).
When receiving goods, you may like to follow the key steps outlined in our “Receipt of Goods Checklist