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Broker Services

We are committed to working in partnership with brokers and agents, and have established strong relationships with the broking community across the UK.We offer a range of services to brokers, both through our local offices and online, including:

Broker training and support

Our teams regularly work with brokers, associations and trade groups to develop professional knowledge and understanding of marine cargo insurance – a subject in which many non-specialist brokers are interested but in which they would also like to expand their knowledge. Our team of Cargo & Freight Specialists regularly hold workshops and training events for brokers, which can be admissible as Continuing Professional Development education.

Online tools & services

We offer a variety of online services to brokers including access to our unique Duet® platform, on which brokers can place cargo and freight business for their customers with minimum delays – from logon to completed policy paperwork can take under two minutes to achieve.

For international trading customers who need cargo insurance certificates for Letter of Credit and shipping purposes, brokers and agents can request our eCertificates facility – empowering their customers to generate instant certificates 24 hours a day from their PCs with no more delays for replacement paperwork or waiting for offices in other time zones to respond.

Loss prevention and
risk management services

Global transportation operations are challenging and complex but these risks can be drastically reduced with proactive loss prevention and risk management. Working with you and your clients, we can identify risks in the logistics chain before they cause losses – to the mutual benefit of all parties – thereby strengthening your relationship with your customers. Our specialist loss prevention services, delivered in partnership with external experts, can make all the difference to your customers and include:
  • Advice on choice of carriers, routes and charter parties.
  • Security advice and pre-shipment surveys.
  • Surveys during loading, transhipment and unloading.
  • Packaging advice.
  • Warehousing and location surveys.

Fast Track Claims Services

With a dedicated Cargo & Freight Claims Centre in London and a network of selected loss adjusters, we pride ourselves on our track record in servicing customers’ claims. This service is enhanced by our “Fast Track” claims service where smaller claims (of under £1000) can be processed with minimum fuss and documentation in under 5 days, thereby avoiding the delays that so often frustrate customers and brokers. All backed, of course, by the financial strength that is expected when partnering with Allianz – one of the largest financial services providers in the world.

Marketing Support

Where brokers wish to develop cargo or freight insurance as a line of business, our Marketing team and local offices can work with you to identify target customers and convert them to policyholders with shared marketing activities – from attendance at trade fairs to direct mail campaigns and telemarketing research.

Account Management

Each broker with whom we work is allocated an individual Account Manager in the relevant local branch whose primary concern will be to ensure that you and your customers are supported with access to the full services of the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Cargo & Freight team. With regular visits and personal contact, they will work with you to ensure that a flourishing relationship and exceptional service levels for you and your clients is maintained.